1. Terms of use
By becoming a member to Young Talent International Music Competition through website www.ugy-istanbul.com you agree to to abide by all terms of use. If you do not agree to any of these terms, please do not use the service. Terms of use may be changed when necessary. Any change in terms of use or policies will be notified in the the website. Please check the website periodically to follow updates. The Young Talent International Music Competition will not share information with a third party. By becoming a member you agree to be contacted bt the administration.

2. Accounts
In order to participate or become an active member you must first create an account. You may never use someone else's account without permission. You are obliged to provide accurate and complete information as requested. Any activity on your account is your personal responsibility. In order to avoid any fraud, please keep your account password secure. You must notify administration in case you notice unauthorized use of your account. Any loss due to unauthorized use of your account is is your liability. The organization will take no responsibility on the matter.

3. Service
The above mentioned terms apply to all users including competitors and members. All texts, photos, videos scripts, graphics, photos audio or visual material are included in the context and service. The service included all that appear on the website including profiles, votes, videos and photos. The Young Talent International Music Competition is not responsible or liable for any third party intrusions or hacking. By using the service you accept that the Young Talent Music Competition is not liable under such cyber attack.

4. Permissions and Restrictions
By becoming a member to The Ypoung Talent International Competition you agree the use of conditions and are granted use of www.ugy-istanbul.com You may not alter or change the content of the website. You agree not to use technologies for purposes penetrating the system. You agree not to distribute or share service without written permission of the competititon administration. You agree not to use automated systems such as robots, spiders or other devices of such sort to manipulate the voting system and like buttons. You agree not to use the system to reach out to others for different business purposes. You agree not to collect any user names or identification information for other purposes. By using service, you agree the right for Young Talent Music Competition to stop your service and membership should any misinformation or wrong doing is detected.

5. Content management
All content, logos, service brands are sole properties of the Young Talent Music Competition. You may not copy or download content or any other content based information. You may not share, broadcast, sell or distribute content without the written permission of the competition. Any undesired circumstances that may occur are not the responsibility of The Young Talent International Music Competition. The Young Talent Music Competition is the only authorized user of the website www.ugy-istanbul.com

6. Content
As a member of The Young Talent Music Competition, you may submit pictures, videos and personal curriculum vitae. Any data submitted will be of your own responsibility. The competition will review all material before submitting on the website. The Competition will monitor all material submitted to the committee. In appropriate contents will not be published. By submitting your photo, video and personal information you agree that you give permission for them to be used and published. The copyrights of all contents submitted belongs to The Young Talent Music Competition. All rights will be withdrawn should you choose to withdraw from the competition. By submitting your data , you agree that The Young Talent International Competition has the right to use your information for public relations or advertising in frame of the competition. The competition has all rights audio and visual material submitted by the competitiors. By becoming a member, you agree not to submit inappropriate content to the competition.

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